Started in 2015 in Ireland, Aromaserapī specialises in therapeutic essential oil blends, vapour balms, natural and anti-ageing skincare products. We are now offering our effective and affordable products to our homeland, Singapore. 100% natural and halal. No chemical. No paraben. Non toxic.

Having roots in a diverse ethnic background, Liana is fluent in English, Mandarin, Malay and Bahasa Indonesia. She has graduated in Business and Marketing from the University of Wales UK. Liana has also pursued a Diploma in Organic Skincare and Anti-Ageing in the UK as well as Professional Aromatherapy in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology in Ireland. She travelled across Europe to gain deeper knowledge for her love in aromatherapy and organic anti-ageing skincare. Having earned distinction in Formulation Skills and distinction in Cosmetic Compliance, Liana is excited to introduce her products in Singapore. She is also an active corporate speaker, sharing her knowledge and experience with everyone who is interested to use essential oils and aromatherapy safely for one’s health and wellness.
It all started on her big desire to know more about the vast benefits of essential oils and organic ingredients to create effective yet safe healing products for her family. Liana would go hunting for products every time they needed something and would always be the family's diy-er. Overtime, Liana has concocted some exceptionally good products that really worked magically on their health and skin issues, but she was not ready in sharing those products beyond her family and friends’ circles as she was not professionally trained at that point of time.
When Liana’s two children were accepted to study Medicine in Europe, Liana and her husband decided to relocate as well. It was then that she realized that her dream to be a professionally certified skincare formulator could come true. Finally, her own certified aromatherapy and natural skincare brand will be a reality.
Liana has shared many of her awesome products with her family and friends in Europe. Now that she is back in Singapore, she is extending her products to Singapore and other parts of Asia. Aromaserapī emphasises on essential oils’ safety, and has every single product formulated according to age groups. All Aromaserapī products are certified safe from the United Kingdom with CPSR (Cosmetic Product Safety Report) certificates to allow users to use with peace of mind.